My Sister

Over the past seven years, I haven't lived with my sister. It's weird to think that someone you've spent 16 years growing up with leaves for college and then you might not ever see them but once every few months after that. I sound like a sappy parent don't I?

I ripped the heads off of all of her Barbie dolls and gave them to her as gifts. She pushed me off a playhouse and broke my arm. Another time we were playing in the sand box, she ran away screaming and I didn't know why. I got up to follow her and promptly got stung on the back of my neck by a wasp. She was very nice and ran away instead of telling me. 

Everyone has those stories of siblings, but one of my more vivid memories of DeeAnn was when I was 8 or 9 and I went to a play that she was in. She was a little ladybug and if I remember correctly she only had one line. But I remember telling my mom after it was over that I wanted to do that too. I wanted to do what she was doing. 

Fast forward to college.  I was in Oklahoma and she was in Arkansas. I get in a singing group and I meet a guy from Colorado named Clark. He was a DIYer and always had some random car he was working on, and we bonded by bucking the norms while we were traveling. 

My sister had graduated and moved to Colorado at this point, and she came to see me sing for the first time. Over the next few days her and Clark had a few interactions. One was when DeeAnn was leaving for the airport. Clark was over at my parents house with all of us and he carried her massive pack, which was big enough to live in, to the car. 

She texted me asking for her 'pack-mules' name, and I gave her his number. They texted the entire summer, and at the end of it Clark moved back to Colorado. Not just for DeeAnn, but I bet that was a big motivator.

They got hitched January 1st, 2015, and after a brief move to the Grand Canyon they decided to comeback to the glorious homeland. Good 'ol Oklahoma. 

I took these pictures for their first anniversary a few weeks ago. I love both of them and I'm pumped that I get to see her and Clark more often. 

weston waugh