Portrait Photography at the Great Salt Plains in Oklahoma

Portrait photography usually isn't my thing. But when my friend Jonathan said he got an outfit that made him feel like he was on Tatooine, I decided that we better go all out. 

The Great Salt Plains are about 2 hours away from Oklahoma City. I had never been there but I thought that they would make a great background, and it would contribute to the pale color palate that Jonathan was trying to achieve.

The gravel roads took a little time to traverse, but it was worth it. We arrived at the crystal digging area around 8:00am and started taking pictures immediately to take advantage of the "golden hour" unfortunately we didn't get there early enough for sunrise, but we would have had to leave at 4:00am to get that!

These are my favorite portrait photographs that I've ever taken (even though I haven't taken that many.) I attribute that to my new 85mm lens, the location and time of day, as well as Jonathan's choice of clothes and colors. 

This Brenizer Method photo (below) came out insanely well. If you view it full size (Click Here for uncompressed version!) you can see the incredible level of detail that this method captures. On second thought I would have liked to do another with the wooden posts in the background because you would have been able to tell how shallow that depth of field was. But hindsight is always 20/20.

Now it's time for a little rambling. 

Art, especially modern art, is often criticized for its lack of effort and odd sensibilities. There's also someone that never fails to say, "I could have done that."

Many art forms can be done by your average joe, but your average joe doesn't want to spend 10 hours putting pieces of yarn into a peg board. I am convinced that when you spend an inordinate amount of time working on something you love, sparing no time, money, or passion on that object of work- it will become something that will be admired. By afar or by few it will be admired. The more time I take to plan a photo shoot, the better it will be. It's my creative rule of thumb. That realization is not something new or life-altering, but I thought it was something to take note of in my own work. 

I hope you've enjoyed some of these photos. I had a blast taking them. Especially when I just told Jonathan to wave around his scarf for about 15 minutes... that was fantastic. 

Thanks for reading this ish.