Boulder Jumping

There's not many things that get me more excited than the Wichita Mountains. 

You might say that they are small, unimpressive, and that Colorado has much better mountains. But the 12 hour drive through Kansas is grueling, and the Wichita Mountains are close. So they win for a weekend trip. 

The huge boulders that have been formed on the mountains in this are just astounding, and there are very few places on earth that have massive round rocks that look like movie props for Indiana Jones. This place is impressive. 

One of the aspects to hiking I don't enjoy is the fact that you walk up a path that has been pre-carved for easiest ascension; there is no skill in walking on an incline. What makes the Wichita Mountains a place to go is the do-it-yourself type of hiking. Want to go straight up on the granite? Go for it. Do you want to jump from boulder to boulder to discover an awesome arch hidden in plain sight? Done. 

Say what you will, but this a fantastic place to explore for the day with people you love, and get back home in time for dinner.