The Beauty of Medium Format Film

I bought a Mamiya 645 over two years ago on eBay. It had a 85mm lens that would not stop down past f2.8, it had no battery, or prism finder. I exposed one roll and only got one 'good' exposure of my brother sitting in a chair because I was opening and closing the shutter manually (why did I think that would even remotely work outside?)

Fast forward to June 2015. I finally picked it up and decided to go get a battery and start shooting with this thing, prism finder or not! Boy was I surprised by the photos you can get with medium format. 

The light fall-off is perfection, and the subtle grain gave it so much character. The focus is pretty hard to nail, and if you don't have a tripod indoors you're out of luck. I can't wait to shoot more on this guy and to find new ways to make film really shine.

Also, The star in this is Jason Pawley (@Jpawleyp on Instagram.) He is painting a mural on the Reno underpass between bricktown and downtown. It is really something special. Check it out if you're down there! I am doing a series of videos on artists that Downtown OKC inc. is supporting, and I can't wait to share those soon enough!

There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer.
— Ansel Adams
weston waugh