Why I Don't Consider Myself a Photographer

I don't consider myself a photographer.

Tons of people ask me for photography. It could be a senior portrait session, a wedding, or an event. I always hesitate before I answer them. 

I say to myself, "You're not a photographer. Have they even seen Insert Name Here's photos? They're brilliant with stills! Why don't they use them? I do video. I should stick to video. There are so many other better options than me out there!"

I reluctantly accept and usually do what is required of me. But I still don't feel like people are getting their "money's worth." Even though I charge very low rates for portraits, because I feel like I'm not an expert and that I can't charge that much. 

Click to look at the full resolution - Brenizer Method

Click to look at the full resolution - Brenizer Method

But I was shooting these senior pictures the other day for one of my good friend's mom and it finally occurred to me.

She didn't choose me because I take incredible photos.
She chose me because she trusts me.

Ever since these senior portraits of Travonna (red sweater) and Jaelyn (white shirt), I've started to not look down on myself for 'not being technical enough' or 'not having the right camera.' It's all about using what you have, keeping a positive mindset, and how you make your subjects feel when you are taking photos of them.

Trust and friendliness are factors that determine my work more than anything else. 

And I'm okay with that. 

weston waugh