Enlightenment and Realizations in Florida

A few weeks ago I went to Winter Park, Florida so see one of my long time friends. He's always been a musician and I knew that he wanted to pursue music in life. So thats what he and a few other friends did. They moved down to Florida knowing no one, having no job, or even some place to live. They roughed it out and are now creating music and are involved in an awesome church.

The days that I spent with Jared, Seth, and Jordan reminded me of what true community is like. Even though they still get on each other's nerves, numerous times each of them proved to be extremely selfless people. Between the three of them they have two cars, and all of them work about 25 - 30 minutes away from their house, so scheduling and work times proved to be difficult. On more than one occasion Jared or Seth would get up early to drive Jordan to work at 8AM because that's how life is. They share their cars, they shared their food, they all sleep in the same room together because the other rooms are for visitors, or they're for recording. The sacrifices that they made were evident, and the work ethic that these guys have is astounding. While I was there, the three of them probably got 3 hours of sleep a night because they had to finish the recordings. They did it because they had to finish, and because they have that drive and passion to create something new. 

This only speaks to what I learned about them while I was there, but even in such a short time I learned so much. My long-time friend Jared is in Cambodia right now with Seth, teaching worship leaders how to lead their church in worship, how to play instruments, how to transition songs, etc. I just think that's a super awesome and a great ministry. But while I was filming Jared about this Cambodia trip coming up and after a little bit I gave him the camera and he interviewed me. It felt really weird to have pointed questions directly at me, especially with a camera there recording all of the stupid things I say. But Jared asked very poignant questions and I learned things about myself that I had not even processed yet. To have someone ask you pointed questions and for you to explain your answer to the uninitiated is an incredible way to figure out more about yourself and your motives and true passions. This may be only true when you are talking to someone you have known for a long time, but it is such a humbling and unique experience that could not have been planned. 

I won't go into much of the detail about what I was filming in Florida, but I'm sure Jared, Seth, and Jordan will let the world know when the time is right. 

So thank you guys for bringing me in and making me feel immediately at home in a strange place on the other side of the continent. And thanks to Cameron and Caleb who are rock star video dudes that I worked with while I was there. They were fun. 

Also, sidenote. EVERYONE had longer hair than I did. Which isn't hard, but I felt like i needed to grow my hair out past my shoulders to be cool. Maybe I'll do it.

Nah, doubtful.

weston waugh